Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Coronado, CA

Starting just outside San Francisco in Petaluma, Ca., we made a quick stop in Temecula, to see Spencer's cousin get married. Then we continued our journey to SoCal and landed in San Diego. With near-perfect autumn weather and the beach a few blocks away from our RV park, it's a wonder that we even left. We were close to Coronado, a well-groomed resort town about 5 miles from downtown, where everyone possesses a beach cruiser, a pair of Toms and a laid-back approach to life.

Observe the Florida native, outfitted in a sweater for the sub-75 degree weather. 

The Hotel del Coronado takes up some prime beach real estate.

Spencer and I took full advantage of the sunshine and biked "The Strand," a 10-mile isthmus connecting Imperial Beach to Coronado. We rewarded ourselves with a few frothy and delicious Orange Ave Wits from the Coronado Brewing Company

Everyday feels like an air and sea show here, with military planes flying overhead. 

One of Spencer's favorite parts of docking our RV near Coronado was the never-ending parade of military and commercial planes that would pass over us. The buzz grows on you the way taxi horns and ambulance sirens do in a city or crickets chirping do in the countryside. 

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