What spurred you two to travel around in an RV?
Spencer originally wanted to travel around the country in an RV for a while, but couldn't find anyone crazy enough to join. After Rachel, an adventurer who backpacked through the Middle East solo, heard the plan, she jumped aboard. We thought what better way to see America the Beautiful than on the road!

How long have you two been on the road?
We started our journey in October 2012, so we're definitely still learning and hitting a few metaphorical and literal bumps along the way. 

What kind of RV do you have? Do you have any other vehicles?
Our first RV was a Dutchman Voltage, a fifth wheel toy hauler. Since we totaled it, we now cruise around in a Newmar Dutchstar, a motorhome. We pull a Volkswagen Golf R behind it. We also have a lift on the back to tote around Spencer's Yamaha WR250R. 

Where are you planning on visiting?
Our goal is to hit all the states at some point (we may have to reconsider driving to Hawaii, though). Rachel is interested in visiting all of the National Parks. Spencer's excited to see some of the rural parts of our country.  

When are you guys gonna stop all this RV nonsense and live in sticks and bricks?
We're not sure what our long-term plans will be, but we're planning on traveling in the RV for at least a couple years. 

If you have any other questions, just email us at Rachel@WhereintheWorldRV.com or Spencer@WhereintheWorldRV.com.

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