Our Story

Seal-watching in La Jolla Cove, Ca. 

For those strangers we have yet to befriend, Spencer and Rachel are living and traveling around the country in a fifth wheel toy hauler. Before deciding to pack up all of our material things (well, purging most of it and keeping what would fit), we lived and worked in San Francisco. 

We've been dating for about two years, and we met on Craigslist (NOT the Casual Encounters section -- although whatever floats your boat). Rachel moved into Spencer's beautiful officer's mansion in the Presidio through a random roommate ad. One thing led to another, and we've been inseparable ever since. 

Since we aren't trust fund babies or investors of the Post-it, Spencer and Rachel are working on the road. As long as we have Internet, we can manage Spencer's mortgage investment company anytime, anywhere. Before working with Spencer, Rachel worked as a news reporter in San Francisco. So this little blog is a way to keep her passion for writing alive. 

Some of Spencer's favorite things are chowing down on authentic burritos, snowboarding on fresh pow, riding his Yahama WR250R, and catching up on episodes of Homeland. When Rachel isn't whipping up delicious meals in our kitchen, she's usually reading, trying not to fall on her butt snowboarding, sending postcards to family and friends, and searching for the perfect cupcake. 

If we forgot anything, just ask: 

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